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Snowman Hot Tub Cocoa


  • Tube of black icing

  • 1 candy corn per snowman

  • 3 marshmallow per snowman

  • 1 toothpick per snowman

  • 4 pretzel sticks per snowman

  • 1 cup hot chocolate mix per snowman

  • Whipped cream


  • Insert a toothpick through two marshmallows.

  • Attach third marshmallow as the head.

  • Draw eyes and mouth on the third marshmallow with black icing

  • Draw buttons on other two marshmallows with black icing

  • Use a knife to cut a nose slit and insert 1 candy corn

  • Insert pretzel sticks for arms and legs

  • Prepare hot cocoa as package directs

  • Add whipped cream and let it melt some

  • Top with your snowman!

*Kids love it!

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