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Fresh Cuts 

We are proud to only sell USA meat and poultry products. We hand cut and grind all of our products and have a meat cutter on duty 7 days a week. 

Custom Cuts Available 

T-Bone Steak


We proudly offer only products of the USA.

Our selections contain USDA Angus Beef and USDA Choice or higher products. 

We custom cut Roast and Steaks to your specifications. Our Fresh Ground Beef is available in 80% Lean, 85% Lean and 90% Lean.


We proudly offer "Grade A" Tyson, Shady Brook, Honeysuckle, Perdue, and Butterball products.

Our products are sourced at a cost that allows our customers to have the highest quality at the least expensive price. 

Chicken Breast
Raw Sausages


Our Fresh Pork is only sourced from the USA. 

We buy local when available from Hoffmans Farms, Smithfield and Hatfield.

We partner with Hoffmans to bring you the best prices on their quality products including their Home Made Sausage that you have grown up with.

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